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JLO Consulting

Found:  2002

Professional Background:  Chemical Engineer

16 years in the field of environmental and process technology.
Main focus in the development of Biotrickling technology.

Responsible for more then 30 industrial Biotrickling plants,
Biofilters, Chemical scrubbers and activated carbon units.

→ Development of inert carrier for BTF Systems.
→ more then 20 degree dissertations in BTF Technolgy.

Several Presentation in Europe, Asia and USA (A&WMA Annual Meetings).

Personal focus:

  • Strategic corporate management
  • International sales and marketing
  • Engineering and consultancy for environmental technology - bio trickling filter
  • Research & development for new technologies and processes
       in the field of automotive, food and pharmaceutical industry
  • Strategic alliances and joint ventures

Patents and publications:

  • Production plants for grinding of aluminium attachment parts
       in the automotive industry with the usage of filter Fan units.
  • Automation to manufacture aluminium attachment parts by detecting roughness
       using opto-electronical systems (Laser) to control grinding robots for machining
       the scanned surface cooperation with Jenoptik Automatisation

Cooperation partners: