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Inert Media for Biotrickling Filters

Polyurethan foam:

This media was tested in comparison to more then 80 other different media in lab and pilot test. Regarding the test series for efficiency, pressure drop, physical and chemical stability, this media showed the best results and was/is used for BTF Technology. Based on the first type this polyurethane foam has been improved considerably in his stability and structure.


This media has important advantages:

  • Low consistent pressure drop  → reduced operating costs
  • Excellent water storage capacity
  • Perfect media for settling micro organism
  • Good water and nutrient distribution
  • Chemical resistant
  • Adaptable to any construction

    Characteristic Data:
    Core Density: 25 - 38 kg/m³
    Compr.- Middle: on request
    Elongation: 50% - 75%
    Tensile Strength: 50% - 75%
    Tear Resistance: 2,2 - 4,9 N/cm
    Visiocell: on request